The 65th Show Anniversary Trailer!

The 65th Show Anniversary Trailer!

Wow! Well what can I say, except I am really excited to have hit my 65th show this past week! I have had the pleasure of cooking with so many talented friends and chefs during the last couple of years producing these Traveling Epicurean cooking shows not to mention all the crazy fun that was had. This trailer may just be my favorite show because it is a collage of everyone who has appeared on The Traveling Epicurean. The trailer is made up of 3-5 second clips from all of these collaborated shows including behind the scene bloopers. The selection of these short clips make’s it possible to get everyone in without being too long.

Over the past few years, it has been a huge learning process from designing my own website to the in’s and out’s of blogging and “SEO” (search engine optimization). Then there’s the technical aspects of camera and lighting when shooting the YouTube cooking shows. Let’s not forget the editing, which I must say, is one of my very favorite parts of the whole process and that is a good thing considering I spend anywhere from five to fifteen hours editing each of my cooking shows.

Even though learning how to use imovie seemed more like a chore that dragged on for months it was so worth it because the freedom and creativity that you have especially from the old days of using YouTube editor is truly joyful.

It was important for my YouTube channel to have a “trailer” so that “new visitors” would know what it’s all about and “subscribe”. Subscriber numbers are a big part of YouTube success. My plan originally, was to put together a show of highlights celebrating the 50th show marker but the wheels kept rolling and sometimes you just have to go with it until you get a chance to set aside some time for tasks like this anniversary trailer.

Putting together The Traveling Epicurean 65th Show Anniversary Trailer, looking thru all the clips from past shows, was a clear reminder of why I do this…I love it!  I hope you will have as much fun watching this short six minute trailer with all the many exciting show highlights as I did making it. Thank you for all your support, wonderful comments and reply’s to my website and YouTube shows…you make it all worth while 🙂


4 thoughts on “The 65th Show Anniversary Trailer!

  1. Nancy Jensen

    Michel congrats on reaching number 65! Loved the trailer of it all u put together. Best of luck to many more shows to come.

  2. Mary

    Thanks for the wonderful lesson on chocolate éclairs with French Club, Michel! They were delicious and you did a terrific job of walking the kids through each step of a dessert that is fairly complicated. Bravo!

    1. Michel Post author

      Merci Beaucoup Mary! You have a great group of Kids in your French Club, it was a pleasure teaching them. I’m looking forward to our next cooking project …maybe mini quiche Lorraine’s with my “5 minute pie crust”! 🙂

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